Graciela Licardo

Resource SpecializationSustainable Development
Region SpecializationEast/Southeast Asia
HometownEdmonton, Alberta, Canada

I’m not completely decided on my specialization but I’ve always had an interest in sustainable development whether it be through projects or policy. I’m especially interested in the growth and development of countries in East or Southeast Asia. I chose my regional specialization to be based in Asia because I would love to work in countries in the region, especially in the Philippines because I am a second-generation Filipino immigrant and I would love to go back to my roots and try to contribute positively. I’ve also always had an interest in languages in this area of Asia, I speak Tagalog and I’m currently learning Mandarin.

I actually have no idea where I am going for my international experience but I would love to either go to Thailand or the Philippines.

I love how much freedom we have to explore our different areas of interest and the opportunities we get to connect with like-minded people and organizations that align with our goals. I also really enjoy how we have a class once a week with everyone in every year of the program so that we can get to know each other. There is also ALWAYS free food 🙂


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