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The Global Resource Systems program (GRS) is a Bachelor of Science degree program that combines the disciplines of arts and sciences. In this program, students have the flexibility to build their own degree by focusing on a region of the world, and a resource specialization from within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Build Your Degree Around Your Passion

How to Apply

A unique combination of science, the humanities, and real world experience

We understand the importance of using a systems-thinking approach to tackling emerging global issues. That is why students are encouraged to take a variety of courses in multiple disciplines across different UBC faculties. This in turn will give them a broader understanding of their region and resource of interest. 

Well rounded individuals

GRS graduates are well-rounded individuals, who have challenged themselves academically and personally as a result of the international and local experiences available within the program. The GRS program is designed to prepare students to participate in the international setting, develop holistic worldviews, and work on complex natural resource issues.