How to Apply to GRS

Admission process:

Students can apply to the Global Resource Systems (GRS) program after completing 24 credits of first year university-level courses from any program. While not required, students interested in applying to GRS are encouraged to follow the first-year requirements: link.

To be considered, students are required to have a minimum academic standing of at least 70% (or 2.80 on a 4-point scale). Achievement of this minimum, however, does not guarantee admission. Admission is limited by the Faculty’s capability to accommodate students in this global program. Admission is based on grades, preparation, experiences, and commitment to a global education. When applying to GRS, students must submit a letter of intent conforming to the following guidelines.

Your letter of intent, in 500 or words or less, should answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to enroll in the GRS program?
  2. What are your learning objectives?
    • for your resource specialization
    • for your regional specialization
  3. What experiences have you had that will contribute to your success?
    • extracurricular experiences
    • work experiences
    • international experiences

The letter of intent is to be submitted to the office of Enrolment Services at the time of application. Read here for more in depth information regarding application: link.

Via Email: to Important: Enter Global Resource Systems in the subject line and cc


Note: GRS is a second-year entry program.

Apply to UBC through the  and follow the instructions to create an account and apply.

Are you transferring to UBC from another institution? Please visit here to see if your eligible to apply.



1. Apply to UBC through the . Follow the instructions to create an account. Apply AND complete an application for Faculty transfer and or re-admission. Please use Google Chrome to open this link.

2. Submit a Letter of Intent by:



If you have specific questions regarding the GRS program, contact:

                       Roxana Quinde, Coordinator, Global Partnerships

                       Phone 1 + (604) 822-0181


                       Drop by the Global Partnerships Office, Room 346, MacMillan Building,

                       2357 Main Mall, UBC Campus

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