Lyndsey Bryden

Resource SpecializationEnvironment and Economics
Region SpecializationThe Americas
HometownVancouver, BC

Why did you choose the GRS specializations that you did?

Growing up in the spectacular natural setting that Vancouver provides, I’ve always been interested in nature and the environment. Going into university, I knew my studies were going to focus on the environment and our society’s interactions with and effects on it. Incorporating economics – both in the UBC Econ department and LFS’s FRE courses – has been a way for me to gain a deeper understanding of the systems underlying those interactions, as well as lots of fun hard skills such as working in R and Tableau!

Why did you join GRS?

I joined GRS because I was interested in the flexibility the program offered in allowing me to tailor my degree to my interests. I also was drawn to GRSers’ changemaker attitudes.

What do you like best about the GRS program?

GRS is incredible because of the wide variety of opportunities we are exposed to. That comes in the form of being able to take a huge variety of classes, as well as the countless exchange, volunteer, employment, and general growth opportunities you get!

What year do you expect to graduate?


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