Lillian Milroy

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health
Region SpecializationUndetermined
HometownVancouver, BC

Global Health was the umbrella under which many of my academic interests fell, so that was the natural choice. I love this specialization because every single person in it is doing something very cool, and probably entirely different from what you are doing. Since committing to Global Health, I’ve been introduced by other students to a number of classes/areas of study that I never would have explored otherwise.

Go Global at the London School of Economics

Summer 2022

I learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of traveling! Due to a baggage strike, I didn’t get my luggage until about 6 weeks into the semester. I had never been to Europe before, and I will definitely be doing things differently (packing-wise, at least) the next time I go!

Outside of my academic pursuits, I had an amazing time getting to know London and taking advantage of the train system to visit neighbouring cities. I was also fortunate enough to visit the campuses of several schools with graduate programs that I am considering.

No other program at UBC, or likely any other Canadian undergraduate institution, will grant you the level of autonomy that GRS does to determine the direction of your degree path. In this program, tailoring your experience to cater to your educational interests and vocations is paramount. Thanks to the academic freedoms I’ve been afforded, and the unconditional support of an outstanding advising team, I am pursuing a degree that is entirely my own.

Fall 2024

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