Hana Butler

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health/Nutrition + Sustainability
Region SpecializationAsia (Japan)/ North America
HometownSan Francisco, USA

I chose GRS in hopes of better aligning my studies to my passions and to explore the intersections of my values and identity. My goal is to learn just as much about myself, as I will about my studies throughout this degree. As a Japanese American person, I want to specialize in both North America and Asia to learn about the differing experiences/practices/customs in both regions. I want to specialize in global health and nutrition + sustainability within my regional specializations to learn more about the differences between eastern and western customs.

I hope to study or work abroad in Japan.

I like the sense of community and support you receive from faculty members and fellow students. You can really build on 1 on 1 connections. It never feels overly competitive or selective, and I like how everyone can help each other out.


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