Graeme Halliday-Gunn

Resource SpecializationSustainable Development
Region SpecializationThe Americas
HometownNorth Vancouver

Sustainable development is a broad field with countless applications. I know that I wanted to help the world be a better place (as most do), but I am not the type of person to become extremely focused on one particular field. Development is an extremely dynamic field that requires a wide range of knowledge, which has allowed me to take a huge diversity of classes at my time at UBC which has been spectacular.

I was able to work with a company to facilitate high school groups on their educational trips. My trip took me and a cohort of student to Ecuador where we discussed issues surrounding development, the environment, ethical travel, FDI, and more.

June 2023

I learned a lot of things, both about the world and myself. Bing able to pass on knowledge that I have gained from my degree in GRS, as well as being able to provide direction to students that like myself at that time, did not know where they wanted to end up post-secondary, it was awesome to be able to provide that. As with any travel, being able to live and learn in a place is an irreplaceably valuable experience, especially in a degree with many global contexts. Being able to see and fell the places sometimes we only read about in academic papers is essential in order to critically understand the things we learn.

GRS is like a little family. Meeting once a week, and then having familiar faces in any given class that you have is a huge comfort on campus. GRS has given me my dream university experience, many of my good friends, and an amazing learning experience.


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