Mohammad Ali

Resource SpecializationInternational Trade & Development, Food and Resource Economics, and Sustainable Finance (ESG)
Region SpecializationAsia (International Focus)
HometownDubai, United Arab Emirates

I’m deeply passionate about tackling global issues, particularly those surrounding climate change and sustainability. My specialization spans diverse interests, with a focus on food security, development, and sustainability in different sectors. My specialization allows me to approach these challenges from multiple perspectives, aiming to develop innovative, effective, and data-driven solutions. This allows me to gain a holistic understanding of the intricate connections between different facets of these issues and helps me to contribute meaningfully to creating positive change in a world grappling with significant challenges.

I really like the GRS program’s flexibility, which offers a holistic approach to addressing global issues. What I particularly like is the opportunity to seamlessly integrate and explore my diverse interests through the different classes that I take and unique opportunities. I also really like the hands-on experiences and opportunities to apply knowledge in real-life situations outside the classroom that the program offers.

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