Farah Al Khatib

Resource SpecializationSustainable Development and Global Health
Region SpecializationMiddle East and North Africa
HometownAmman, Jordan

Owing to my longstanding interest in community work and engagement, this specialization ties in ways I can integrate long-term success of projects as well as improving global health. Through participating in volunteering projects throughout my high school and university journeys, I feel the most passionate when I’m working with local community groups to share knowledge and experiences. Therefore, the interdisciplinary approach of my specialization would allow me to practice my interests in the field.

Indonesia – International Field Studies in Policy Analysis for Agriculture and Natural Resources, next summer

May 2023

Growing up with family and community being an integral aspect of the Jordanian identity, I like how the GRS community is a very kind and supportive one. The program embraces my values and personality perfectly owing to my wide range of interests and the flexibility of course choices.


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