Jenny Kim

Resource SpecializationInternational Trade and Business Management
Region SpecializationAsia
HometownPort Coquitlam, BC

I first thought I wanted to study nutrition before university, but after 2 years, I realized nutrition is not something I want to pursue in my career. In my second year, I took courses outside of FNH to just explore my options and I quickly found out my passion for business. I especially chose International Trade and Business Management because I have always been curious about how businesses are managed and I really enjoyed ECON 355 which is International Trade!

I plan to study in South Korea for my international experience! I was born and raised in Daegu, South Korea until my family moved to Korea. I want to experience what it’s like living and studying in Seoul, which is a city that I have never gone around since Seoul is very far from Daegu. I have been quite distant from my own culture since I have spent more than half of my life in Canada, so it would be a great opportunity for me to learn about my own culture while studying something I enjoy!

May-August 2023

I am someone who is interested in various of things, and I did not want to choose one specialization to study for the rest of my undergraduate degree. I really appreciate the flexibility the GRS program offers to students because through this, I am able to take many courses outside my science discipline to explore and figure out what I am truly passionate about.

May 2025

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