Yasmeen Haji

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health (interested in food security, health & nutrition, and urban development as well)
Region SpecializationMENA / East Africa
HometownWindsor, Ontario

As a lover of all disciplines and as the indecisive girl that I am, GRS was the only program calling for me. Gaining hands-on experience while building a tight-knit community, what more can I ask for?

My favourite courses I’ve taken at UBC so far are ANTH227, LING 100, and LFS 250. ANTH 227 and LFS 250 helped me view the world from different perspectives and I loved learning about language!

With unlimited funds I would create the ultimate plan to save the world. My goal would be to make sure that at the end of the day everyone has a home of their own, food of their own, a family of their own, money of their own, and healthcare and education at their disposal!

Outside of the classroom you can find me at IKB working away at the Chapman Learning Commons help desk as well as dedicating time for Islamic Relief @ UBC which is a club I am the Co-Prez of!

I am good at voice acting. I can do certain commercials but I’m best at doing an Arabic news anchor voice (currently working on my English one!)