Adelaide Truman

Resource SpecializationConservation and Ecology
Region SpecializationNorth America
HometownAlliston, Ontario

Why did you join GRS?

I joined GRS because I wanted a program that would provide me with flexibility to learn about subjects that I am interested in and to be able to choose my own degree path.

Do you have a favourite course you’ve taken at UBC?

I am really enjoying FRST 395 Forest Wildlife Ecology and Management because we get to learn about conservation issues surrounding a lot of cool species!

If you could do anything (with unlimited funds) what would you do?

I would buy land up north and build a cabin in the woods and retire immediately.

Are you particularly proud of a time you were part of a community engagement initiative at UBC?

I am an executive member of the Varsity Outdoor Club at UBC and we help to increase accessibility to outdoor recreation opportunities for students and other members of the community.

Is there any project, association, or volunteer opportunity that you would like other GRSers to know about?

I worked for BC Parks this summer as a Student Ranger which allowed me to connect with a lot of cool projects and opportunities that come along with being a Park Ranger. BC Parks also accepts volunteers to help with conservation and recreation.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I played roller derby for 9 years and so I am really good at roller skating. I can also speak Japanese.