Luiza Salek

Resource SpecializationEnvironment and Education
Region SpecializationLatin America
HometownRio de Janeiro, Brazil

GRS is more than a mere academic program – it is a transformative educational project built from an exceptional community. My university journey would’ve been very different if I had not found GRS.

I am a lover of all art forms, but music for me is the cure for many of the pains of the spirit. I enjoy singing, playing Brazilian percussion, and joining improv jams with various instruments.

Ecocriticism (ENGL 393) and Behavioural Neuroscience (PSYC 207). I learned about pathological ecologies of disease, systemic cultural violence, and the sheer complexity of natural worldly processes.

would create my own organization focused on empowerment of new generations and on transformational leadership for the new paradigm.
I would also like to participate on all the courses offered by Schumacher College, go to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest again, and redistribute funds to the groups of people and projects that are creating new ways of living and being in this planet in whatever way, as I see this as necessary if we wish to continue living on this Planet.

This year I started working part-time to innovate in solutions for collective climate action as part of an initiative led by the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)’s Social Impact Lab.

I would definitely recommend CCEL for anyone who wishes to have experience working with community building around climate and well being at UBC. Their ultimate goal is to help transform our neighbourhoods by empowering communities locally. While at CCEL I was able to participate in projects around inclusion, diversity, accessibility, decolonial approaches, always exercising a community-asset and reciprocity based lense. Since September, I have led and facilitated multiple discussions, managed projects, hosted events and boothings, and conducted workshops alongside my team, all of which have been the most empowering experience I’ve had at this university so far. Feel free to reach out or ask me anything!

Since I was little I have always enjoyed writing, perspective photography, and other art forms. I am a creative and enthusiastic person with endless literary affinities. I am also an experienced hiker and enjoy getting myself in between branches, trees, rivers and all of nature wherever I am in the world.