Ola Cieslicki

Resource SpecializationInternational Relations
Region SpecializationInternational
HometownLondon, ON

I joined GRS, because of its core values. I wanted to be apart of a group of students that are just as passionate as I am at working to create sustainable and equitable changes within our community.

My favourite course I’ve taken thus far is POLI 360: Intro to Global Politics. In the course we learnt about current events, and how to employ certain lens of thinking to justify behaviour and action.

Outside of the classroom you can most likely find me doing something outdoors! I love to hike, camp, ski, bike, run, and swim. I really enjoy pushing myself physically and trying out new things!

I am involved with a Engineers Without Boarders initiative called Smoke Free Homes which is designing an eco-stove to help combat the environmental and health impacts of open fire pit cooking.