Pauline Kraut

Resource SpecializationThe Environment and Sustaiable Development and Policy
Region SpecializationInternational
HometownSchwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Climate change is a global issue that is not only of natural origin but also arose from our social structures. Thus, I want to approach my studies concerning the mitigation and adaptation of it from an interdisciplinary approach as inherent to my studies as it is to the climate change itself. Since the science is known but wildly undercommunicated I devoted parts of my courseload to understanding the ecology itself and then other to understanding our social relationships to nature. In combination I hope that this background makes me able to communicate and be a bridge between disciplines so we can create sustainable policies that lead toward sustainable developments all across the globe.

Directed Study in Ecuador
European Union Study Tour in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Germany
Global Seminar in Indonesia

June 2022
May 2023
June 2023

My experiences allowed me to explore many different cultures, and I learned to openly approach all in order to gain more perplexing insights and perspectives regarding localized issues of climate change. All my programs were centred around conservation and local policies – I was able to work on the ground with solution implementation as well as in the office with policy creation. In comparison, I learned that there are multiple ways to tackle climate change and that the importance of the local context cannot be underestimated.

GRS allows one to gain a broader perspective on an issue of interest, which often leads to individuals who have the ability to look beyond the horizon and find new, creative solutions in their chosen niche. This freedom to expand beyond one field/discipline makes for a well-rounded background. In this context, I think I gained a lot from having dipped my toes into many different disciplines and even deep-dived into some, as I can now detect the weaknesses and strengths of each and pull from all different ones when looking for solutions.