Joseph Al Rahmani

Resource SpecializationInternational Development
Region SpecializationThe Middle East and International

I decided to join GRS because I felt like I was a divergent (like the movie). I struggled to fit myself into one box and continue doing that one thing – Applied animal Biology.

I am originally from Iraq, was born in Ottawa, raised in Jordan, and spent most of my adolescence in Toronto. This diverse range of geographical influences has played a significant role in shaping me into a culturally versatile individual and a global citizen – inclining me to critically evaluate existing systems, continuously challenge implicit biases, foster cross-cultural exchange, and embrace the value of shared experiences. My global citizenship has always made me wonder why certain development/intervention projects had failed within the Arab World – for example, why the Syrian Refugee camps in Jordan consistently have one of the worst hygiene and sanitation cases. Through my specializations, certain knowledge gaps are constantly filled and new ones are created, ultimately helping me answer the question aforementioned.

I would say my favourite course right now would be PLAN 211. It is simply because it reminds me of the GRS class. The course takes an interdisciplinary approach through a Planning lens!

Since the funds are unlimited, I would give billions to the people I love and invest in every public sector possible.

What I enjoy the most about the GRS program is how diverse everyone’s background is – be it ethnic, cultural, academic, or professional, there is always something to learn. I enjoy being challenged in my assumptions and existing knowledge gaps which are constantly revised and refined due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program which enables me to formulate nuanced and multifaceted solutions to complex problems, recognizing that there is seldom a one-size-fits-all approach. With the flexible nature of GRS, students are allowed to delve deep into their interests and really discover who they are and what they want to do in the future.

I helped plan and execute the first ever UBC LFS Carnival in April 2022, with the help of my amazing LFS|US Student Life team!

I would really recommend working with Mobi by Shaw Go. The most amazing job I’ve ever had. Everyone is super friendly and you get a lot of on-field experience with the City Planning aspect of station installation.