Cat Hung

Resource SpecializationSustainable Agriculture
Region SpecializationBC
HometownPort Coquitlam, Canada

Take courses specific to your interests and over a wide variety of faculties.

I have a passion for agriculture and food systems through social and scientific lenses. I have spent my whole life in BC and intend to stay here, and it is the perfect place to explore my specific interests at the intersection of agriculture and Asian Canadian history.

Vancouver/Vancouver Island (ACAM 390A)

The rich history of Asian Canadian migration is scattered all throughout BC, with specific highlights on food, culture, and identity.

ACAM 390 (field course, cool profs), HIST 305 and ACAM 300 (in ACAM rn but Dr. Ishiguro is a great prof for both), APBI 260 (farm exp in labs)

Listening to music and crafting (mostly sewing and painting)

l loved working at the Museum of Vancouver Garden through INSTRCC (Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies) : )

Ability to study exactly what I’m passionate about, and in a time frame I can manage.