Anna Brookes

Resource SpecializationClimate Change and Food Security
Region SpecializationEast Asia
HometownTakoma Park, USA,Takoma Park, USA

I wanted to find a way to study climate change from an interdisciplinary, intersectional perspective. In GRS, I get to focus on food access and climate justice.

I wanted to study climate change from the perspective of adaptation, specifically for food security and food systems. GRS let me combine those interests and also keep studying Mandarin.

I went on exchange to National Taiwan Normal University last term!

I learned so much about Taiwan, international climate movements, and climate adaptation and disaster management from the perspective of a Pacific island. I improved my Chinese and met loads of incredible people.

GEOG 313: Environmental Justice and BEST 308: Land Use Management and Planning are some of my favorites. I also love all the UBC CHIN courses I’ve taken.

I love the sense of community, and I love that everyone is celebrated for having niche and unique interests and given the freedom to explore them.

With unlimited funds, I would erase colonial debt around the world and grant formerly colonized countries and people the climate reparations needed to survive and sustain the climate crisis.

– Getting UBC to divest from fossil fuels in 2019 with UBC350/CJUBC
– Running a silly AMS campaign for a silly viral rat on climate, food security & affordability issues & winning second place

Ask me for more info abt:

– Climate Justice UBC, and our RBC divestment and community reinvestment campaigns at
– Sprouts and food security work on campus
– UBC Climate Hub
– The Remy the Rat campaign
– Migrant Students United’s campaign to end the international student health fee
– Directed studies research into UBC’s connections with the fossil fuel industry through donations, research funding, and partnerships

I chipped my front tooth as a child and now I can whistle through it.