Gayathri (Gagi) Sudeer

Resource SpecializationUrban Planning & Development
Region SpecializationAsia

I believe that GRS will help open doors for me to learn more about cities around the world and bring better change to our cities!

DES 230 !! It was my first environmental design class and it was the course that helped me understand my passions better. I loved the group discussions and lectures equally.

Green cities everywhere ( !! ) is my dream. A place to live for everyone, food that is accessible for everyone, walkable cities and better community living.

Thinking back now, most proud was when I took the first step to join a club. I used to be terrified of social settings, but joining clubs slowly tore down my fear.

LFS|US has multiple volunteering opportunities for various events throughout the year! Please keep connected with LFS|US social media platforms to be updated. Apart from that, there are also fun events hosted by LFS|US to go to and check out :>

Don’t know if this counts : I have been a dancer for over 13 years of my life, but most friends I have made in Vancouver don’t really know about it because since the pandemic outbreak, I find it difficult to perform or express my dancing talents. I do miss performing on stages the most!