Dylan De Lancie

Resource SpecializationResource Economics and Supply Chains
Region SpecializationThe Americas
HometownBerkeley, California, USA

I chose to focus on resource economics and supply chains because I felt this would best prepare me to make an instant impact in industry. Global supply chain strategies are shifting, as the COVID-19 pandemic exposed how vulenrable Just-in-time supply chains are to interruption. Ultimately, studying resource economics and supply chains puts me in a position to help companies manage risk in their supply chains and balance efficiency vs security.

Global Seminar in Chile focusing on the role of natural and planted forests in global wood markets.

May-June 2023

My experience in Chile gave me first-hand knowledge from industry experts, creating an understanding of the various processes in the timber supply chain. I came away from this having learned 1) how to better communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds, and 2) about timber’s importance in efforts to decarbonize our economy.

Being empowered; I enjoy being in control of what classes I take. And when I ask for advice from the wonderful GRS Advisors, I am spoken to as an equal rather than a subordinate. GRS truly is a learning community where learning is multi-directional; I learn from my peers and advisors in addition to just my professors.