Asha Wareham

Resource SpecializationSustainable Agriculture
Region SpecializationNorth America
HometownGibsons, B.C., Canada

GRS was an attractive community to me because it’s just that – a community! I was especially looking for a program that would allow me to build my degree organically and with an interdisciplinary lens

APBI 402 (Sustainable Soil Management) was a keystone course in my development because it helped me see into a future as a professional. Also loved APBI 463 (Insects in Agroecosystems)!

Acquire land to build a land-trust that a) works towards a land-back model, b) facilitates collaboration between Indigenous stewards and farm stewards, and c) ensures secure land access and training to entrant and establishing ecological farmers. Also build a kitted out electric off-road truck + camper to take me anywhere!

I will always look back on my time as part of the UBC Farm Practicum teaching team with fondness; new young farmers are inspiring! I’ve really appreciated the UBC Work-Learn program for engagement.

  1. The Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science – great student association for networking in soil science.
  2. BC Institute of Agrologists – for people looking to go into a career in agriculture/natural resource disciplines, this is your next step.
  3. One Straw Society – home-grown Sunshine Coast NGO doing great things for supporting agriculture and food security on the Sunshine Coast – cool employment opportunities!