Adeline Thames

Resource SpecializationEnvironment and Sustainability / Sustainable Food Systems
Region SpecializationInternational
HometownSaint Paul, Minnesota

The unique flexibility of GRS allows me to learn about complex challenges, such as climate change and food security, from multiple lenses at once rather than having to limit myself to one approach.

I love FRE 340 with Sean for real-world understandings of complex problems. I also loved GEOG 310 because Alec Blair is very engaging and the content is broad but comprehensible.

I would set up a huge living/co-creating communal living space that involved agroecological farming and sustainable agriculture and a huge, self-built treehouse web for people of all walks of life to live in, as well as a test kitchen where I could cook all day with the produce I harvest and share the meals with everyone living and working there. It would be a place where everyone comes and contributes what they are passionate about creating and we all work together to keep everything running smoothly. Ideally I would do this after we tackle the world’s larger issues of climate change, inequality, food security, and peace…. you said to dream big 🙂

I really enjoy all of my work done at Sprouts because I fully believe in the Sprouts mission to support the community via food/environmental justice and security simultaneously.

I danced ballet for 12 years and am still extremely flexible as a result! I also am a very good baker and rarely follow a recipe.