Asha Dunn

Resource SpecializationSustainability
Region SpecializationNorth America
HometownThe traditional lands of the Anishinabek Nation and the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation (Thunder Bay).

I joined GRS because of the program’s flexibility, as well as its local and global community!

I don’t think I could choose just one course although I really enjoyed ANTH 220 with professor Charles Menzies, as well as GRS 290/390!

I definitely recommend checking out the different volunteer opportunities with Sprouts at UBC. They have tons of volunteer positions in their cafe and their Free Fridge, Community Eats, and Produce Market programs.

I am very proud to be involved in the Sprouts community at UBC, their work is so inspiring and I feel lucky to work with other students combating food insecurity and building safe community spaces.

Growing up I played somewhere around 8 different instruments, so I have some random instruments like the cello, trumpet, and bass guitar that I can play songs on!