GRS-Funded Opportunity: UBC Africa Business Forum

The UBC Africa Business Forum is back for the 5th edition of Western Canada’s premium conference on African business! Students, academics and professionals from Africa and the Diaspora at UBC’s Vancouver campus will come together for a day of learning, ideation and business networking. This year’s theme is “New Frontiers: Integrating Current Models into the Future of Business in Africa.” This Forum will feature unique panel sessions, debates and an ideation lab where you will get to engage with our diverse line up of leaders and industry professionals who are breaking the mould and redefining how business is done in Africa. For more information, visit the UBC Africa Business Club.

GRS is excited to announce that the program will cover the cost of tickets for 20 GRS students to partake in the Africa Business Forum! This is a great opportunity to learn how business can be a mode of positive change, with a focus on Africa.
Please register (for FREE) following this link. Input the code GRS-FACULTY-ABF20 and use the ticket option “UBC GRS Faculty Sponsored.” 
**This form is intended for students within African Studies, MasterCard Foundation (MCF), APSCI, International Relations and Global Resource Systems **