Madeline Stuart

Resource SpecializationSustainable Agriculture
Region SpecializationThe Pacific
HometownWhite Rock, BC, Canada

I have an increasing number of allergies, as well as an autoimmune disease. Since I have always had to be conscious of the ingredients in my food, and how its produced, I’ve grown to have a deep interest in our food system. Additionally, I care deeply about the environment. Agriculture has some of the biggest environmental impacts of any industry. Therefore, studying this topic at university seemed like a natural choice.

Growing up on the pacific ocean, I’ve become very interested in how our agricultural system affects the ocean’s biodiversity. When I worked on a farm in Hawai’i last summer, I got to learn about how pesticide use affects the ocean, in addition to island food sovereignty issues. I also love the culture of many Pacific Island Nations and would love to move to one of them in the future.

I am hoping to do one semester at the University of Hawai’i and one at ISARA-Lyon in France. They will take place in the Fall of 2021- Spring 2022.

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