Lian Boltwood

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health and Nutrition
Region SpecializationAsia
HometownSuquamish, WA, USA,Suquamish, WA, USA

I chose Global Health and Nutrition because I have always been curious about a career in service and health care, but wanted to come out of my undergraduate degree with an understanding of the political and social climates that impact health and health inequities at local and global community levels. The specialization allows me to explore many facets of global health, including public health and international nutrition. Additionally, I focused on Asia as my region to pursue learning about Chinese language and culture and to assist a minor in Chinese.

The agency to carve your own path and study what you are curious and passionate about as your degree progresses. Also, the tremendous amount of support from Roxana, Les, and fellow GRS students is unparalleled!

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