Louise Prindiville-Porto

Resource SpecializationEnvironment and Climate Change
Region SpecializationBritish Columbia
HometownChicago, IL, USA

My experiences in high school inspired my interest in climate change and environmental science. I was involved with my high school’s environmental club, and as a member, I had the opportunity to learn about perceptions of climate change and climate solutions. In school was interested in biology, so when I got involved in the environmental club, my love of science and interest in climate change merged into a love for environmental science with a specific focus on climate change.

I am unsure where I want to go on exchange. I hope to live in the UK at some point and exchange is a neat opportunity for that to happen, but I am also interested in traveling elsewhere. In Grade 10, I was prepared to go on exchange in Japan, however, COVID-19 prevented me from doing so. Therefore, I am exploring universities in Japan as well.

I hope to go on exchange during the 2024-2025 academic year.

I love the academic flexibility and close-knit feeling of the GRS program. Prior to applying for GRS, I hoped to study climate change but hadn’t found a program that aligned with my specific interests. I thought it was too good to be true when a friend told me of GRS. The opportunity to study what I was passionate about within a small program was ideal for me. I am happy to say that my expectations of what GRS would be have been exceeded.


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