Kevin Krenz

Current Job TitleAssistant Project Manager
Current Employer RRC Companies
Current LocationPortland, Oregon, United States

My specific interest didn’t fully align with any programs at UBC. GRS allows me to pave my degree from a variety of options in courses and experiences and work with a diverse group of students.

Besides my academic pursuits, I am a huge soccer/football enthusiast, both as a player and a supporter. I also like to spend my off time exploring places I’ve never been and experiencing new things!

Iceland, Winter/Spring of 2022. Immersing myself in a completely new environment was a fantastic experience for me. Besides exploring the beautiful landscapes, I visited numerous energy facilities across the country which helped deepen my understanding of the infrastructural, cultural, and geological significance of renewable energy in Iceland. Living in a community full of energy/environmental enthusiasts helped foster my passion and allowed me to recognize my personal and professional goals.