Joyce Ko

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health and Development
Region SpecializationSoutheast Asia
HometownAbbotsford, BC, Canada

I chose the global health and development specialization to combine my diverse interests. Since graduating high school, I have strongly desired to learn about development-where we are at, how we got here, and where we can go from here. I also really love the natural sciences and learning about how the world works-particularly with applications to human health. Therefore, I chose to combine the global health and development specializations, taking classes spanning biology, chemistry, and economics, all with applications to human society.

For my international experience, I plan to take a summer course, either in Peru or Indonesia.

I have not yet gone on my international experience trip, however I hope to this summer!

I like the flexibility that this program gives me to explore my interests. Coming out of high school I did not have a set path that I knew I wanted to take. I enjoyed all the subjects in school quite equally and so it was hard to decide where to specialize. GRS allows me the flexibility to take courses spanning every discipline, all the while learning more about how the world works and being presented with new ideas for how I can use my career to help people.