Natasha Bonn

Resource SpecializationSustainable agriculture with a minor in nutrition
Region SpecializationNorthern Europe

I joined GRS because I was already in the LFS faculty and was studying Food, Nutrition, and Health. I love nutrition and realized that I wanted to focus on the agriculture and sustainability side.

Over this past summer, I took GEOG 310 with Alec Blair. This course studies environment and sustainability and the roles that humans play in our world. It is a must with Dr. Blair!

There is so much I would dream of doing if I had a surplus of money to fund my desires. Namely, I would travel. I know that traveling can be done on a budget, but I find it hard to save for trips as a student and work only once or twice a week. Having unlimited funds would allow me not to worry about debt or loans. internationally I could help people along the way and donate to organizations I’m passionate about. With unlimited money I would make sure not to stay at the fanciest hotels, instead, I would wish to gain memories and experience authentic local treasures, trying my best to meet host families who live in the region.

The NutriKids UBC initiative has allowed me to find a community at UBC and connect with elementary students. Educating children about nutrition has been enriching and a fun way to get involved.

I seem to have a weird amount of knowledge revolving around the ’60-’70s era, especially in regard to music. In my free time, I really enjoy researching singers and bands; I love to do this by watching documentaries and listening to podcasts. My mom and dad also seem to know a lot, so I like to learn from them!