Hayley Mundeva


Grad Year 2014
Resource Specialization Global Health
Region Specialization sub-Saharan Africa
Current Job Title Founder/CEO
Current Employer ThriveHire
Current Location Kigali, Rwanda
Hometown Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
"During the GRS program, I most enjoyed the relationships that I formed with my classmates. My peers in the GRS program were motivated by opportunities to make important impacts in our society and to explore critical global issues."

Why did you choose the resource/region specializations that you did?

I chose Global Health because I always had a fascination with findings ways to promote health and improve health equity in remote parts of the world. I also have family ties in East Africa, which is why I chose the regional specialization of sub-Saharan Africa.

What are your main responsibilities in your current position?

Concretizing business strategy, supervising team members, scoping and applying to funding opportunities, conducting sales calls with new customers, among many other activities!

As an entrepreneur, I most enjoy the opportunity to create a tangible impact through my work.

The most challenging part of my role is ‘turning off’ my work, as there are never-ending responsibilities as an entrepreneur!

How did the GRS program prepare you for this role?

The GRS program prepared me for my current role in many ways. It exposed me to a variety of issues in Global Health, many of which our team explores and posts content about through ThriveHire’s website (as ThriveHire is a career and community platform for the Global Health industry). It also connected me to a handful of Global Health experts who I still seek advice from. Lastly, as GRS is an interdisciplinary degree, it taught me how important it is to work and engage with individuals from a variety of sectors, which I currently apply every day as an entrepreneur.

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