Preparing for GRS: First Year Courses

Below is a list of first year courses required for the B. Sc. (GRS) degree. It is advantageous to complete as many of these as you can during your first year of university or college. Because GRS students come from different backgrounds, it is common for students to enter the program without having completed all of the required first year courses. This is not a problem as any first year gaps can be filled after you enter the GRS program. For example, if you did first year arts and lack biology and chemistry you can take these courses in your first year of GRS.

Students coming to UBC for first year should apply to either the Agroecology or Food, Nutrition and Health programs in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems or take first year in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science.

First Year Courses required for the B. Sc. (GRS) degree:

LFS 100


BIOL 111, 112,  or 121


CHEM 121 (111) 1


ECON 101


LFS 150 or ENGL 100-level2




MATH 100, 102, 104, 110, 180, or 1844


Program electives5




Total Credits (First Year)


1 CHEM 111 is not for students with Chemistry 12.

2 ENGL 112 is recommended.

3 Students who pass an oral proficiency test for a language relevant to their regional specialization are exempt, and must choose 6 credits of program electives approved by a program advisor.

4 Students who have not completed Calculus 12 should take MATH 180 or 184 to fulfill their first-year Math requirement.

5 Courses that provide a foundation for the resource specialization. Science-based resource specializations require BIOL 121 and 140 and CHEM 113 or 123. Economics-based resource specializations require ECON 102. Must be approved by a program advisor.