Hayley Mundeva

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health
Region Specializationsub-Saharan Africa
HometownKelowna, British Columbia, Canada,Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

I chose Global Health because I always had a fascination with finding ways to promote health and improve health equity in remote parts of the world. I also have family ties in East Africa, which is why I chose the regional specialization of sub-Saharan Africa.

Concretizing business strategy, supervising team members, scoping and applying to funding opportunities, conducting sales calls with new customers, among many other activities!

As an entrepreneur, I most enjoy the opportunity to create a tangible impact through my work.

The most challenging part of my role is ‘turning off’ my work, as there are never-ending responsibilities as an entrepreneur!

The GRS program prepared me for my current role in many ways. It exposed me to a variety of issues in Global Health, many of which our team explores and posts content about through ThriveHire’s website (as ThriveHire is a career and community platform for the Global Health industry). It also connected me to a handful of Global Health experts who I still seek advice from. Lastly, as GRS is an interdisciplinary degree, it taught me how important it is to work and engage with individuals from a variety of sectors, which I currently apply every day as an entrepreneur.

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