Eden Lee

Resource SpecializationEnvironmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)
Region SpecializationGlobal
HometownThornhill, Ontario, Canada

In our society, alarming consumption rates are quickly spiraling out of control, jeopardizing the planet’s ability to provide for future generations. While millions make environmentally conscious choices every day, unfortunately, our individual actions will not be enough to prevent a climate crisis. It is crucial we find a sustainable and conscious approach to how we live, and I believe businesses are at the heart of defining this. I aspire to bridge the gap between businesses and ethical sustainability, ushering in a global system change in how we consume by specializing in ESGs.

Directed studies with the UBC Sustainability Ambassador program

When I first started looking into university programs, I was having trouble finding programs related to my interests in both business and sustainability. I had always wanted to pursue a career in sustainability, and when I discovered GRS I was automatically drawn to its interdisciplinary and international nature.


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