Brenna Whalley

Resource SpecializationPublic Health, with a minor in Genetics
Region SpecializationInternational
HometownLangley, BC (Canada)

I have always been interested in human anatomy and health; I also wanted to study disparate health issues from a global perspective and the unequal distribution of resources and support globally. This specialization, along with my minor in genetics, allowed me to combine my passion for health sciences and human biology with my desire to dismantle current systems and mitigate the ever-growing health inequities. I love that the public health aspect of my specialization enabled me to study health and wellness from an intervention-based and policy perspective, while my minor provided me with more biology background.

I spent a month in Paris, doing a summer exchange.

I took a course at Sciences Po called Fighting Inequalities and Social Risks in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective. The course gave a comprehensive introduction to the welfare systems around the world, providing case studies from various countries and continents. I loved the course, and it gave me a solid background on the economic side of welfare policies. The course was also taught in a way that was easily digestible and not too overwhelming for a condensed time frame.

My favorite thing about the GRS program is the ability to tailor my degree to fit my exact academic and future career goals. I have always known I wanted to work in health care, and specifically in the Public Health sector, but I struggled to find another undergraduate degree at UBC that had this focus. GRS allowed me to take so many courses that I wouldn’t have been able to in a more traditional degree, to find where my passions lie. Additionally, its flexibility allowed me to take different courses from faculties I wouldn’t normally, and gain a more holistic education.


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