Alix Borton

Resource SpecializationSustainable business/supply chains
Region SpecializationNorth America
HometownMarin County, USA

I chose to specialize in sustainable business in North America because I want to pursue a career in sustainable business consulting. As a B+MM student at UBC, my exposure to business courses has made me extremely passionate about cultivating socially and environmentally responsible business models. I hope to one day work with companies (large and small) to enhance circularity and traceability through supply chains, materials, and more.

I love the tight-knit community in the GRS program, especially through the GRS 290/390/490 class. It’s crazy to be in a classroom of students spanning all ages/standings at UBC, yet who all share similar interests to me. I’m so excited to make new connections with like-minded people, an opportunity I didn’t see myself gaining as an upperclassman.


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