Lynn Kaufmann

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health and Nutrition
Region SpecializationEurope
HometownPort Coquitlam, Canada

Having transferred into GRS this year from Biology in the faculty of science, I wanted to direct my studies more towards health in a social context and have a greater focus on people and communities, rather than looking at things from such a specific scientific perspective.

I will be studying abroad in Europe however, I have not made a set decision on where I would like to go yet. I would love to further discover my home country, Germany, revisit Vienna, Austria, or explore Scandinavia.

September – December 2024

So far, GRS has allowed me to choose from such a large variety of classes and really build a course-load that reflects my interests and connects different systems from an individual level, to a global scale. I am easily able to incorporate different perspectives on health and human systems into my degree including anthropology, psychology and anatomy, while also connecting with my GRS peers and connecting everything that we’ve been learning.


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