Callum Mccaffrey

Resource SpecializationEnvironment and Climate Change
Region SpecializationCanada and the US
HometownSeattle, USA

I chose to study environment and climate change in Canada and The United States Because I knew I wanted to have a positive impact on the environment throughout my career but I wasn’t sure what my contributions would specifically look like. Throughout my studies, the flexibility of the GRS program has supported my exploration of interdisciplinary human-centric approaches to environmental issues and what career opportunities look like in this field.

I’m currently unsure of where I want to travel to. There are so many amazing opportunities it’s hard to choose from.

My International experience will take place in the summer of 2024.

I love the program’s focus on building an interdisciplinary and diverse community. The amount of resources and connections available through GRS feels nearly overwhelmingly abundant. The GRS course itself has helped me engage with these opportunities and build shared relationships with each other. There’s this genuine sense of care and collaboration that permeates through the entire program. I transferred from a degree that had very similar course content to what I’m studying now in GRS, but the passionate intention and community behind what I’m now learning has made a massive difference to how I engage with my degree.


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