Louis Mai

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health and Urban Design
Region SpecializationBC
HometownHong Kong, Hong Kong

I decided to focus on public health and urban design, since I’m interested in exploring strategies for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and future public emergencies.

By taking courses related to social determinants of health risk factors and health policies, I am able to gain insights into how interpersonal interactions, social class, race, gender, and more, impact our decision-making in the realm of public health.

Integrating urban design into my studies allows me to analyze data from a broader perspective, and continue to develop my skills in scientific solutions to cope with these health management challenges.

Field Study in Indonesia

June – July 2023

I have participated in the investigation and policy analysis to find better alternatives instead of banning seaweed export in one of the provinces of East Indonesia. My team and I worked together to analyze data in the economics and policies sectors, and compiled all these data with one report to share our thoughts in suggestions of future policies.

I like GRS because we are able to select the specialization that we desire and design our course schedule by ourselves, instead of the standard procedure of the courses of other faculties. We are able to choose the courses we are keen to learn more, which also benefit in building up our future career.


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