Kenward Tran

Resource SpecializationEnvironment and Climate Change
Region SpecializationThe Americas
HometownWinnipeg, Manitoba

I started off with just Latin America, as it is home to such ecologically diverse as well as vulnerable landscapes in the world, and I wanted to understand its problems and how I can help make a change. I’ve always wanted to visit the Amazon, and learn Spanish, and I was able to incorporate both of them into my degree! I branched off to learning about North America as well, just to have some background if I plan to work in BC.

I travelled to Ecuador through CONS 453 (Ecuador Field School).

May-June 2023.

I learned how to talk to community stakeholders and understand the impact that climate change has done to these biodiverse regions. Being able to witness these effects first-hand really opened my eyes and I realized how much bigger the world really is. I also learned how to do fieldwork for the first time, in the Amazon Rainforest. We did some tree analysis as well as liana and termite abundance to identify how each of the three forest types (varzea, igapo, & terra firme) differed.

I love the GRS community and how we all can share our ideas and opinions without fear of judgement. The choose your own path degree is amazing, as I get to choose courses that I am really interested in.