Elia Barth

Resource SpecializationGlobal Health
Region SpecializationGlobal, focus on Francophone countries
HometownBoise, Idaho, United States

I have way too many; I’ll try to keep it short. I love anything outdoors (hiking, swimming, going on a picnic, the list goes on…), anything creative (music, art, cooking…) and meeting new people!

One of my favorite classes that I have taken at UBC is ANTH 227 (Intro to Medical Anthropology). Not only is the content fascinating, but the professor is also so cool, it was amazing overall.

If I could do anything with unlimited funds, I would want to fix a lot of problems but if I had to pick one, I think I would probably invest into making quality healthcare available to every single human being as well as access to basic survival needs

There are so many ways to get involved in the community, and part of the search includes reaching out to people, even if you’re not sure that you qualify to help. Even if you aren’t able to get a job with relevant experience, you can still show that you care and start off by getting unpaid experience. This is what I am currently doing through the Family Services of Greater Vancouver, where I volunteer as a co-leader in a support group.

I would say my hidden talent is my extreme creativeness. Not only do I have wild and confusing dreams that leave me questioning my sanity, but one of the actual physical projections of this is the ability to make random, but oddly accurate analogies.