Sustainability and Planning

This is an overview of current courses offered 2017-2018, although they may change in the future. The most updated information can be found on the UBC course website.

The UBC Sustainability website also offers good suggestions for courses for the sustainability specialization.

For Forestry or Agriculture related courses, please see the Environment and Sustainable Agriculture resource specialization course lists.

Anthropology Courses

  • ANTH 360 Introduction to Ecological Anthropology

Applied Science Courses

  • APSC 261 Technology and Society I

Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Courses

  • ASIC 200 Global Issues in the Arts and Sciences
  • ASIC 220 Introduction to Sustainability

Biology Courses

  • BIOL 416 Principles of Conservation Biology

Commerce Courses

  • COMM 460 Social and Nonprofit Marketing
  • COMM 484 Sustainability Marketing
  • COMM 484 Social Entrepreneurship
  • COMM 487 Environmental Management

Conservation Courses

  • CONS 101 Introduction to Conservation
  • CONS 200 Foundations of Conservation
  • CONS 330 Conservation Science and Sustainability
  • CONS 340 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Forestry and Conservation
  • CONS 370 Aboriginal Forestry
  • CONS 425 Sustainable Energy: Policy and Governance
  • CONS 449C Directed Studies in Natural Resources Conservation
  • CONS 451 Integrated Field School
  • CONS 452 Global Perspectives Capstone
  • CONS 481 Conservation Planning and Wildland Recreation
  • CONS 486 Fish Conservation and Management
  • CONS 495 Principles of Managing Problem Wildlife in Forests and Agricultural Environments

Economics Courses

  • ECON 471 Economics of Nonrenewable Resources
  • ECON 472 Economics of Renewable Resources
  • ECON 573** Environmental Economics
  • ECON 580** Social and Economic Measurement

Curriculum and Pedagogy Courses

  • EDCP 323 Outdoor Environmental Education

Environmental Science Courses

  • ENVR 200 Introduction to Environmental Science

Environmental Design Courses

  • ENDS 221 Sustainability by Design
  • ENDS 440 Environment and Urban Form

Earth and Ocean Science Courses

  • EOSC 340 Global Climate Change
  • EOSC 474 Marine Pollution
  • EOSC 478 Introduction to Fisheries Science

Fisheries Courses

  • FISH 500** Issues in Fisheries Research: Seminars – Fisheries Management
  • FISH 520** Fisheries Conservation, Governance, and Evaluation

Food Resource Economics Courses

  • FRE 306 Introduction to Global Food Markets
  • FRE 340 International Agricultural Development
  • FRE 374 Land Economics

Geographical Sciences Courses

  • GEOB 102 Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems
  • GEOB 103 Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes
  • GEOB 200 Atmospheric Environments
  • GEOB 204 Forest and Agricultural Climatology
  • GEOB 207 Introduction to Biogeography
  • GEOB 270 Geographic Information Science
  • GEOB 307 Biogeography and Global Change
  • GEOB 370 Advanced Geographical Information Science
  • GEOB 400 Global Change Science
  • GEOB 401 Urban Meteorology
  • GEOB 407 Vegetation Dynamics: Disturbance, Climate and Human Impacts

Geography Courses

  • GEOG 122 Geography, Modernity and Globalization II
  • GEOG 310 Environment and Sustainability
  • GEOG 311 Urban Environments
  • GEOG 312 Climate Change: Science and Society
  • GEOG 316 Geography of Natural Hazards
  • GEOG 318 Sustainability in a Changing Environment
  • GEOG 319 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • GEOG 395 Culture, Nature, and Coloniality in Latin America
  • GEOG 410 Environment and Society
  • GEOG 412 Water Management: Theory, Policy, and Practice.
  • GEOG 419 Research in Environmental Geography
  • GEOG 423 Development of Environmental Thought
  • GEOG 495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas
  • GEOG 497 The Arctic
  • GEOG 512 Climate Change in the 21st Century
  • GEOG 519 Environment, Development and Security
  • GEOG 525 Cultures of Nature in Contemporary Political Ecologies
  • GEOG 560A Economic Geography

History Courses

  • HIST 103 World History Since 1900
  • HIST 104 Topics in World History
  • HIST 106 Global Environmental History
  • HIST 396 Environmental History of North America

Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

  • (INDS) Seminars, lectures, and discussions of topics involving several faculties. Visit the Interdisciplinary Studies Program website for specific topics (

Land and Food Systems Courses

  • LFS 501 Approaches to the Integration of Knowledge

Language and Literacy Education Courses

  • LLED 213 Introduction to Intercultural Communication and Socialization in Multicultural Contexts
  • LLED 221 Language Maintenance and the Integration of Immigrants in Canada: An Introduction

Philosophy Courses

  • PHIL 332 Environmental Ethics

Community and Regional Planning Courses

  • PLAN 211 City Making: A Global Perspective
  • PLAN 221 City Visual
  • PLAN 331 The Just City in a Divided World
  • PLAN 425 Urban Planning Issues and Concepts
  • PLAN 5XX ** Community and Regional Planning

Political Science Courses

  • POLI 352A Comparative Politics of Public Policy
  • POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics

Resources, Environment and Sustainability Courses

  • (RES 5XX**) The Resources, Environment and Sustainability graduate program offers many interesting courses, though these can change from year to year; please see the SSC or program website for current course offerings.

Sociology Courses

  • SOCI 360A Sociology and Natural Resources
  • SOCI 361A Social Inequality
  • SOCI 364 Built Environments

Population and Public Health Courses

  • SPPH 571 Public Health, Transportation and the Built Environment

Urban Studies Courses

  • URST 200 Cities
  • URST 400 Seminar in Urban Studies

** Undergraduate students are sometimes able to take graduate level courses with special permission. Please ask.

Can’t find what you want?

Every year, there are different student directed seminars offered on various topics. If there is none for your very specific interests, you can make your own course! For more information, please click here.