The Americas Courses

The Americas Courses

This is an overview of current courses offered 2011-2012, although they may change in the future. The most updated information can be found on the UBC course website:

As there are many courses related to studies of the Americas, a majority of courses are listed first with Latin America specific courses following.  Please note there is also a First Nations specific course page under resource specializations.

** Undergraduate students are sometimes able to take graduate level courses with special permission. Please ask.

ANTH 201A Ethnic Relations

ARTH 226 Art in Europe and North America from the Sixteenth Century to the Present

ARTH 338 Visual Culture in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution (1715-1830)

ARTH 339 19th-Century Art and Social Space

ARTH 343 Art and Photography in Canada to 1920

ARTH 344 Art and Photography in Canada, 1920 to the Present

ARTH 376 Arts of the Northwest Coast Peoples: The North

ARTH 377 Arts of the Northwest Coast Peoples: The South

ARTH 448 Seminar in North American Architecture

ARTH 543B**

ANTH 304 Studies in Canadian Art

ASTU 201 Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Cultural Studies

ASTU 202 Canada, Japan and the Pacific: Political, Economic and Geographical Perspectives

CDST 350A Canadian Cultural Studies

CDST 450B Senior Seminar in Canadian Studies

COMM 394 Government and Business

COMM 446 Transportation Economics

CONS 350 Case Studies in Haida Gwaii

CONS 425 Sustainable Energy: Policy and Governance

CONS 520** Conservation Policy

ECON 336 Economic History of Canada

ECON 345 Money and Banking

ECON 365 Topics in Canadian Industrial Organization and Regulation Policy

ECON 460 Economics of Labour Markets

ECON 380 Transportation

EDST 426 History of Education

EDST 429 Educational Sociology

EDST 509** Constructing Citizens: Canada and the Educational Past

EDST 536** Higher Education Systems in Canada

ENGL 222 Literature in Canada

ENGL 223 Literature in the United States

ENGL 470A Canadian Studies

ENGL 472A American Studies

FIST 200 Introduction to Canadian Cinema

FIST 436 Seminar in American Cinema Since 1960

FNH 403 Food Laws, Regulations and Quality Assurance

FRE 420 Trade and Domestic Policy in Global Food Markets

GEOG 210 Vancouver and Its Region

GEOG 281 Geography of the Pacific Rim

GEOG 290 Introduction to the Geography of Canada

GEOG 319 Environmental Impact Assessment

GEOG 327 Creating Canada

GEOG 328 Constructing Canada

GEOG 361 Introduction to Economic Geography

GEOG 412 Water Management: Theory, Policy, and Practice.

GEOG 426 Historical Geography of British Columbia, I

GEOG 468 Geography of International Economic Systems: Canada and the Pacific Basin

GEOG 495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas

GEOG 527** Remaking North America: Historical Geographies Changing Environments

HIST 102 World History from 1500 to the Twentieth Century

HIST 235 History of Canada

HIST 237 Major Themes in American History

HIST 302 History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America

HIST 305 British Columbia

HIST 307 French North America to 1803

HIST 308 Quebec from the End of the 18th Century to the Present

HIST 324 Inventing Canada, 1840-1896

HIST 325 Canada 1896-1945: Boom, Bust and War

HIST 326 Canada Since 1945: Affluence and Anxiety in the Atomic Age.

HIST 327 American Colonial History, 1607-1763

HIST 328 The American Revolution and the Formation of the United States

HIST 329 Canadian Social History

HIST 330 The United States, 1812-1865

HIST 332 African-American History

HIST 339 The United States, 1945 to the Present

HIST 396 Environmental History of North America

HIST 412 The American Impact on Canada

HIST 418 The 1960’s in Global Perspective

HIST 444 Slave Societies in the Americas

HIST 485 Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver

HKIN 360 Sport, Peace, and Conflict

LING 433 Native Languages of the Americas

LLED 221 Language Maintenance and the Integration of Immigrants in Canada: An Introduction

POLI 101 The Government of Canada

POLI 303 Federalism in Canada

POLI 306 Local Government and Politics in Canada

POLI 307 Quebec Government and Politics

POLI 309 Canadian Perspectives on Human Rights

POLI 320A Government and Politics of the United States of America

POLI 352A Comparative Politics of Public Policy

POLI 363A Canadian Foreign Policy

POLI 404A Public Policy and Its Administration – PUBLIC POLICY

SOCI 210A Canadian Social Structure

SOCI 310 Canadian Society

SPPH 544** Social Determinants of Population Health in Industrialized Societies

WMST 205 Women in Canada from the 16th Century to 1920

WMST 210 Women in Canada from 1920 to the Present

WMST 301 The Roles of Aboriginal Women in Canada

WMST 303 Women, Law and Social Change

Latin America Specific

ANTH 232 Ancient Latin America

ANTH 401 First Peoples of North America

ARTH 370 Arts of Mexico’s Early Peoples

GEOG 352 Urbanization in the Global South

GEOG 395 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas

HIST 250C Latin American History

HIST 252 Modern Caribbean History

HIST 451 Family and Community in Latin America

HIST 455 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

LAST 100 Introduction to Latin American Studies

LAST 201 Popular Culture in Latin America

LAST 301 Human and Civil Rights in Latin America

POLI 332 Politics and Government of Latin America

SPAN 101-302 Spanish Language Courses

SPAN 220C Introduction to Methods of Literary Analysis

SPAN 312A Topics in Latin American Literature in Translation

SPAN 321 Introduction to Spanish Civilization and Culture

SPAN 364 Survey of Spanish-American Literature and Culture to the 1820s

SPAN 365 Survey of Spanish-American Literature and Culture since the 1820s

SPAN 490C Selected Topics in Spanish-American Literature of the Twentieth-Century

SPAN ** See Graduate course offerings

Can’t find what you want?

Every year, there are different student directed seminars offered on various topics. If there is none for your very specific interests, you can make your own course! For more information, please see:

Previously available courses (may be available again in the future):

ANTH 231 Ancient North America

ANTH 323 Archaeological Foundations of Mesoamerican Civilizations
ANTH 329 Anthropology and First Nations of Canada

ANTH 420A Archaeology of British Columbia

ARTH 261 Pre-Hispanic Arts of Central and South America

ARTH 348 Architecture in North America: Colonial Projects and Disruptions (1605-1867)

ARTH 349 Architecture in North America: Independent Design Idioms (1867-present)

ARTH 371 Arts of the Aztec period in Mexico.

ARTH 373 Maya Objects of Identity, Wealth and Status

ECON 337 Economic History of the United States

ECON 361 Economics of Industrial Relations
ECON 384 Economic Analysis of Health Services

ENGL 369A Studies in American Literature to 1900

FIST 438 Seminar in Canadian Cinema

FMST 320 Family Diversity in North America
FMST 322 Marital and Family Interaction in North America
FMST 440 Families in the Canadian Economy

GEOG 428 Historical Geography of British Columbia, II: Research Seminar

HIST 303 History of the Canadian West

HIST 326 The British North American Colonies, 1749-1873

HIST 331 The United States, 1865-1896

HIST 352 Class and Culture in Latin America

HIST 355 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

HIST 357 Selected Topics in the History of Mexico

HIST 450A Selected Topics in Latin American History

HIST 408 American Foreign Policy, 1870 to 1945

HIST 409 American Foreign Policy, 1945 to Present

HIST 426 Twentieth-Century Canada

HIST 427 Seminar in Native History of Canada

HIST 440 History of Health in the Modern West

HIST 445 101 American Foreign Policy, 1870-1945

HIST 446 American Foreign Policy, 1945 to present

HIST 447B Selected Topics in United States History

HIST 454 State and Society in 20th century Cuba

HIST 456 Race and Nation in Modern Latin America

LAST 205 Issues of Development in Modern Latin America
LAST 301 Human and Civil Rights in Latin America
LAST 303 Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

LAW 306 Law and Society in British Columbia and the Yukon
LAW 352 First Nations and Canadian Law
LAW 353 Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
LAW 354 First Nations Self Government
LAW 355 First Nations and the Administration of Justice
LAW 356 First Nations and Economic Development
LAW 358 Topics in First Nations Law (not offered every year)
*See GRS program supervisor for assistance in registering for Faculty of Law courses

POLI 304 British Columbia Government and Politics

POLI 308 Issues in Canadian politics

POLI 310 Parliament and Party: The Strategy of Politics
POLI 363 Canadian Foreign Policy
POLI 402 Law and Politics of the Canadian Constitution
POLI 403 The Political Economy of Canada
POLI 405 Topics in Canadian Politics
POLI 406 Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian politics

RELG 312 Jews and Judaism in Canada
RELG 420 Religion in Canada

SOCI 210 Canadian Social Structure
SOCI 310 Canadian Society

SPAN 406 Gender Representation(s) in Hispanic Literature and Culture

WMST 311 African/Black Women in the Americas