European and Middle Eastern Courses

European & Middle Eastern Studies

This is an overview of current courses offered 2011-2012, although they may change in the future. The most updated information can be found on the UBC course website:

As there are many courses related to studies of the European region, a majority of the courses are listed first, followed by categories of Germany, Britain, France, Russia, and Italy specific courses.

** Undergraduate students are sometimes able to take graduate level courses with special permission. Please ask.

ARTH 225 Art in Europe to the Sixteenth Century

ARTH 226 Art in Europe and North America from the Sixteenth Century to the Present

ARTH 329 Greek and Roman Art

ARTH 332 Medieval Art in the Age of Monasticism

ARTH 338 Visual Culture in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution (1715-1830)

ARTH 339 19th-Century Art and Social Space

ARTH 346 Architecture in Europe: Building the Fabric of the Modern State (1715-1837)

ARTH 347 Architecture in Europe: Modern Paradigms of Design (1837-present)

CENS 201 Contrasts and Conflicts: The Cultures of Central, Eastern and Northern Europe

CENS 202 Great Works of Literature from Central, Eastern and Northern Europe

CENS 404 Gender and Nation: Women’s State in Modern Central, Eastern and Northern European Literatures and Cultures

CLST 105 Greek and Roman Mythology

CLST 211 Greek Philosophy I

CLST 212 Greek Philosophy II

CLST 231 Ancient Greece

CLST 232 Ancient Rome

CLST 311 Women in the Bronze Age, Classical Greek and Hellenistic Cultures

CLST 312 Women in the Roman World of Republican and Imperial Times

CLST 330 Greek and Roman Art

CLST 353 The Early Roman Empire

CLST 355 The Athenians and their Empire

CLST 356 Alecxander the Great and his Empire

CLST 401 Seminar in Classical History

CLST 402 Seminar in Classical Literature

CLST 518A*** Topics in Greek Archaeology

ECON 334 Economic History of Modern Europe

ECON 387 Economic Reform and Transition

ENGL 359A Studies in Romanticism

FIST 336 Seminar in European Cinema

GEOG 391 Modern Europe: Places and Borders

GEOG 493 Contemporary Europe: Identity and Geopolitics

HIST 102 World History from 1500 to the Twentieth Century

HIST 220 History of Europe

HIST 347 Medieval and Imperial Russian History, 998 to 1800

HIST 349 Imperial Russian History, 1800 to 1917

HIST 363 Europe in the Early Middle Ages

HIST 364 Europe in the Late Middle Ages

HIST 432 International Relations of the Great Powers in the Twentieth Century

HIST 434 Gender in Modern Europe

HIST 439 Politics and Culture in Fin-de-Siecle Europe (1890-1914)

HIST 441 History of the Holocaust

HIST 473 Women in the Middle Ages

HIST 476 Medieval Legal History

IEST (Eurpopean Graduate Studies**)  Many courses, please inquire.

LATN 535** Seminar in Roman History

MDVL 200 Introduction to the Middle Ages

MDVL 301 European Literature from the 5th to the 14th Century

MDVL 302 European Literature from the 14th to the 16th Century

MUSC 352 History of Medieval Music

NEST 310 History of Women In Early to Late Medieval Muslim Societies

PHIL 313 Medieval Philosophy

POLI 340 History of Political Ideas

POLI 352A Comparative Politics of Public Policy

POLI 443A Modern Western Political Thought

POLI 514B** Comparative Western Governments

RELG 331 Medieval Jewish History

RMST 221 Literatures and Cultures of the Romance World I: Medieval to Early Modern

RMST 222 Literatures and Cultures of the Romance World II: Modern to Post-Modern

RMST 420B Studies in Romance Languages and Literature

SCAN 333 Major Works of Scandinavian Literature (in English)

SCAN 334 Contemporary Scandinavian Fiction (in English)

SCAN 411A Scandinavian Drama and Film in Translation

SCAN 412 The Northern European Epic in Translation

SCAN 413B The Literatures of the Baltic in English Translation

SCAN 414 Topics in Danish and Northern European Cultural Studies (in English)

SLAV 307B Literature and Film in Eastern Europe

Germany specific

CENS 303A German Respresentations of the Holocaust (in English)

ENGL 320 History of the English Language

GERM 301 Twentieth-Century German Literature (in English)

GERM 302 Contemporary German Literature (in English)

GERM 370 Reason and Revolution: Studies in the 18th Century

GERM 390 Progress and Disaster: Studies in the 20th and 21st Centuries

GERM 402 Words and Music in German Literature

GERM 403A Studies in Modern German Culture (in English)

GERM 405 The Literature of Growing Social Consciousness

GERM 408 Selected Issues in German Culture

PHIL 416A Topics in 19th-Century Philosophy

Britain Specific

ENGL 221 Literature in Britain: the 18th Century to the Present

ENGL 462A Twentieth-Century British and Irish Studies

HIST 317 Britain, 1850-1918

Russia/Soviet Union Specific

HIST 349 Imperial Russian History, 1800 to 1917

RUSS 206 Nineteenth-Century Russian Writers in Translation

RUSS 207 Twentieth-Century Russian Writers in Translation

RUSS 306 Russian Literature in Translation

HIST 350 The Soviet Union

RUSS 410D Women in Russian Literature and Culture

France Specific

FREN 122 Contemporary French Language and Literature I

FREN 123 Contemporary French Language and Literature II

FREN 220 Introduction to Early French Literature and to Textual Analysis

FREN 221 Introduction to Modern Literature written in French and to Textual Analysis

FREN 320 Advanced Studies in French Literature from 1000 to 1700

FREN 321 Advanced Studies in French Literature from 1700 to the Present

Italy Specific

ITAL 101-302 Italian Language Courses

ITAL 303 Italian Literature and Culture of the Medieval and Early Modern Period

ITAL 304 Italian Literature and Culture of the Modern and Contemporary Age

ITAL 408 Topics in Nineteenth-Century Italian Literature and Culture

ITAL 420B Special Topics in Italian Language, Literature and Culture

ITAL 110 Introduction to Italian Literature and Culture

ITST 231 Introduction to Italian Culture I: From the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period

ITST 232 Introduction to Italian Culture II: From the Modern to the Post-Colonial Age

ITST 345 Italian Facism in Interdisciplinary Perspective

ITST 385 Italian Cinema: Neorealism

ITST 418 Topics in Nineteenth-century Italian Literature and Culture in Translation

Can’t find what you want?

Every year, there are different student directed seminars offered on various topics. If there is none for your very specific interests, you can make your own course! For more information, please see:

Previously available courses (may be available again in the future):

ARTH 331 Art in the Early Medieval West

ARTH 330 Art and the Christian Transformation of the Roman Empire

ARTH 337 European Art and Culture (1600-1700)

ARTH 348 Architecture in North America: Colonial Projects and Disruptions (1605-1867)

CLST 111 Gender, Politics, Power and the Arts in Late Republican and Early Imperial Rome

CLST 319 The Roman Army

CLST 334 Roman Religion

CLST 352 The Roman Republic

CLST 519A Topics in Roman Archaeology

ENGL 344A Medieval Studies

FREN 125 French Through Culture and Civilization
FREN 334 French Civilization
FREN 421 French or Francophone Cultures (in English)
FREN 427 Francophone Cinema

FREN 468 Romance Linguisitcs

GEOG 493 (3) Geography of Eastern Europe
GEOG 494 (3) Geography of the Ex-Soviet States

HIST 101 Europe From the Fall of Rome to the Reformation
HIST 120 European History from the Renaissance to the Present
HIST 202 Modernization in Historical Perspective
HIST 306 History of France, 1461-1715
HIST 310 The British Empire
HIST 311 The British Empire After 1850
HIST 313 The Renaissance
HIST 316 European Social History

HIST 318 Early Twentieth-Century Britain

HIST 319 Britain, 1945 to the Present
HIST 324 History of East Central Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries
HIST 334 Europe in the 19th Century

HIST 341 Medieval Jewish History

HIST 351A East Central Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries

HIST 365 Renaissance Europe

HIST 366 Reformation Europe

HIST 367 Europe in the Age of the Enlightenment

HIST 368 Europe in the 19th Century

HIST 369 Europe, 1900-1950
HIST 370 Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe

HIST 371 Europe in the Early Middle Ages

HIST 372 Ideas and Institutions of the Middle Ages
HIST 375 Economic History of Pre Modern Europe

HIST 400 Self and Society From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
HIST 405 Russia Before 1917

HIST 406 France, 1715-1900

HIST 407 History of Modern Germany
HIST 408 History of the Habsburg Monarchy

HIST 409 France, 1900 to the Present

HIST 415 Early Modern Britain
HIST 419 Contemporary Britain, 1945 to the Present
HIST 435 Communist Movements in Eastern Europe Since 1900
HIST 438 History of the Soviet Union

HIST 440 History of Health in the Modern West

HIST 461 Politics and Culture in Fin-de-Siecle Europe (1890-1914)

ITAL 405 Topics in the Italian Literature and Culture of the Renaissance

ITAL 409 Topics in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature and Culture

ITST  234 Introduction to Italian Cinema

ITST 245 Italian Fascism in Interdisciplinary Perspective

ITST 415 Topics in the Italian Literature and Culture of the Renaissance in Translation

ITST 432 Italian Cinema and Its Cultural Background

POLI 325 Communist and Post-Communist Politics
POLI 326 European Politics: Selected Cases

POLI 327 European Integration

POLI 364A International Organizations

POLI 425 Communist movements in eastern Europe since 1900

RELG 310 Jewish Responses to Catastrophe

RMST 468 Romance Linguistics