African Studies Courses

African Studies

This is an overview of current courses as of 2011-2012. The most updated information can be found on the UBC course website:

** Undergraduate students are sometimes able to take graduate level courses with special permission. Please ask.

AFST 250A – Introduction to African Studies

AFST 351A – Perspectives in African Studies: Literary and Theoretical Approaches

AFST 380A – Study of Sociolinguistics of a Selected African Language

ANTH 303B – Ethnography of Special Areas

ANTH 319 – The Emergence of Complex Societies in Eurasia and Africa

FREN 349 – French Literatures in Translation II

FREN 418H – Studies in African and/or Caribbean Literatures of French Expression

GEOG 352 – Urbanization in the Global South

GEOG 496 – Geography of Africa

HIST 102 – World History from 1500 to the Twentieth Century

HIST 332 – African-American History

Previously offered courses, may be available in the future:

AFST 350A – African Studies

AFST 352A – Perspectives in African Studies: A Social Science Approach

GEOG 390A – Geography of Selected Regions

GEOG 519** – Environment, Development and Security

HIST 312 – Southern Africa

HIST 313 – Africa from Imperialism to Independence

WMST 311 – African/Black Women in the Americas