Please Read: Discussion Ground Rules

We deal with some sensitive topics in Global Resource Systems and it’s important that everyone feels safe to participate in the discussions we have in class and online.  Below you’ll find a set of guidelines/ground rules.

  • Share your experience but be lean with words
  • Be open minded and seek to understand
  • Speak your truth: share what you really think – be honest
  • Get involved in the conversation and actively engage others
  • Practice good conversation manners: use “twinkle fingers” or “jazz hands” to show you agree without interrupting
  • Be comfortable with silence
  • Anticipate the direction of the conversation, stay on topic
  • Write down thoughts and questions for later
  • Allow yourself to “think outside the box”
  • Be willing to work through differences of opinion
  • Confidentiality: after class, share ideas if you like but refrain from mentioning who said what.
As usual, it mostly boils down to RESPECT for your peers, yourself and your instructors

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