First Nations and Indigenous Studies

First Nations and Indigenous Studies This is an overview of current courses offered in 2021-22, although they may change in the future. The most updated information can be found on the UBC course website: ** Undergraduate students are sometimes able to take graduate-level courses with special permission. Please ask.

Anthropology Courses

  • ANTH 217 Culture and Communication
  • ANTH 220 First Nations of British Columbia
  • ANTH 304A Ethnography of the Northwest Coast
  • ANTH 317A Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANTH 330 Anthropology of Rural Peoples and the Global Economy
  • ANTH 341A Museums, Heritage and Memory
  • ANTH 417B Language, Culture, and Cognition
  • ANTH 461 Anthropological Study of Local Ecological Knowledge

Art History Courses

  • ARTH 397A Special Topics – SPECIAL TOPICS
  • ARTH 476 Seminar in North American Indigenous Art

Art Studies Courses

  • ASTU 400S Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts – MUSQUEAM
  • ASTU 402 Living Language: Science and Society

Natural Resources Conservation Courses

  • CONS 370 Aboriginal Forestry

Creative Writing Courses

  • CRWR 220 Introduction to Creative Writing with an Indigenous Focus

English Courses

  • ENGL 331 The Structure of Modern English: Sentences and Their Uses
  • ENGL 373 Indigenous Literature

First Nations and Endangered Languages Courses

  • FNEL 101 Introduction to a Salish Language I
  • FNEL 102 Introduction to a Salish Language II
  • FNEL 141A Introduction to a Wakashan Language I
  • FNEL 180 Introduction to Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization
  • FNEL 201 Intermediate Salish Language I
  • FNEL 202 Intermediate Salish Language II
  • FNEL 241A Intermediate Wakashan Language I
  • FNEL 282 Structures of Endangered Languages: Conservation and Revitalization
  • FNEL 380 Technologies for Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization
  • FNEL 381 Biocultural Diversity: Language, Community, and Environment
  • FNEL 481 Heritage Resources in Endangered First Nations Language Revitalization

First Nations and Indigenous Studies Courses

  • FNIS 100 Indigenous Foundations
  • FNIS 210 Indigenous Politics and Self-Determination
  • FNIS 220 Representation and Indigenous Cultural Politics
  • FNIS 300 Writing First Nations
  • FNIS 310 Critical Indigenous Theory Seminar
  • FNIS 320 Critical Indigenous Methodologies and Ethics
  • FNIS 400 Practicum/Advanced Research Seminar
  • FNIS 401T Special Topics
  • FNIS 401Z Special Topics
  • FNIS 451 Indigenous Feminisms

Geography Courses

  • GEOG 121 Geography, Environment and Globalization
  • GEOG 327 Creating Canada
  • GEOG 446A Topics in Geography
  • GEOG 495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas

Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Courses

  • GRSJ 101 Introduction to Social Justice
  • GRSJ 303 Gender, Race, Social Justice and the Law
  • GRSJ 305 Social Justice Issues in Community and International Organizing
  • GRSJ 306 Globalization and Social Justice: Gender, Race, and Sexuality in International Politics
  • GRSJ 325 Anti-colonial and Feminist Qualitative Methodologies
  • GRSJ 328 Theories of Subjectivity

History Courses

  • HIST 107 Global Indigenous Histories
  • HIST 302 History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • HIST 447B Selected Topics in United States History

Land Food Systems Courses

  • LFS 340 First Nations Health and the Traditional Role of Plants

Linguistics Courses

  • LING 433 Native Languages of the Americas

Sociology Courses

  • SOCI 302 Ethnic and Racial Inequality
    Can’t find what you want? Every year, there are different student-directed seminars offered on various topics. If there is none for your very specific interests, you can make your own course! For more information, please see Previously available courses (may be available again in the future):
  • ARTH 262 Native Arts of North America
  • HIST 427 Seminar in Native History of Canada
  • FNIS 200 First Nations of North America
  • IHHS 404 First Nations Health: Historical and Contemporary Issues