Course Description



**Course description for 2021-22.**

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to bring GRS students together, to get to know each other, share interests and experiences and form a community of learners. This course will connect you to your GRS colleagues throughout your degree programs and beyond.   You are required to take GRS 290, 390, and 490 during the time that you are enrolled in the GRS program. This will ensure that you are part of a GRS community of learners from the time you enter the program until you graduate.  You can contribute by asking different questions and contributing different perspectives to the learning process as you develop academically and personally throughout your undergraduate program.  In your last year, you can focus on global leadership development as you assist new GRS students in understanding global issues and helping them to being effective in their international settings.  Whether abroad or on campus, you will interact and share perspectives that will help new and continuing GRS students understand their place in a global world and build skills as global citizens.

Learning Outcomes
  • Interact and learn from student colleagues.
  • Recognize cultural differences and value cultural diversity (academic, gender, ethnicity, nationality).
  • Articulate important global issues that relate to agriculture, food, heath, and natural resource systems.
  • Understand and communicate the importance of assessing global issues through local and culturally sensitive lens. 
  • Interpret your area of resource specialization within the context of the global community.