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C02 vs Methane: Which is the scariest greenhouse gas?

C02 vs Methane: Which is the scariest greenhouse gas?

Wednesday March 05th David Archer will be addressing this topic in a free public lecture:  “Because the concentration of methane is lower than that of CO2 in the atmosphere, a molecule of methane has a stronger effect  than a CO2 molecule on the energy balance of the Earth.   However, methane is a transient gas […]

GRS Updates

Here is a message from Brent regarding the remaining GRS classes for the semester: We will not meet as a class in Room 160 this week (February 27, 2013).  Please attend one of the events that are described in the file that is attached to this message, or other related events taking place on campus […]

Seedlings Cafe is looking for volunteers like you!

  UBC Sprouts‘ new initiative, Seedlings Cafe, is off to a great start with delicious food and friendly faces.  They are looking for more volunteers to help out around the cafe, and I hear they’ll feed you a free meal in exchange for your time.  Click here for more information on volunteering. “Seedlings is a […]

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UBC SUB Brewery Existence Updates AMS Council Meeting

What: UBC SUB Brewery Existence Updates AMS Council Meeting, Topics: Financial Feasibility and Business structures. When: Feb. 6th at 6 pm Where: SUB Council Chambers room 206 Why: Get involved with a project aiming to deliver locally sourced, affordable, good beer in Canada’s first university micro brewery by september 2014. SEEDS project potential, SDS potential, […]



WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT New students often ask for ideas on what to blog about.  Click here for a great example to get you started. The personal blogs are pretty open; you may write about a variety of topics related to your overall experience with life in GRS.  Maybe you are taking some interesting courses, or have […]

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Peru Summer Institute 2013

Peru Summer Institute: Ecology, Technology and Indigeneity in the High Amazon Summer 2013: June 3 – June 28, 2013  (6 credits)   Program Overview The 2013 Peru Summer Institute:  Ecology, Technology & Indigeneity in the High Amazon will take place at the Sachamama Center in Lamas, Peru. The Sachamama Center is one of the two […]