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Meet the Participation Requirement

You need at least 5 online participation credits to pass each term of GRS.  The deadline is midnight of the last day of exams, December 21, 2014.  Participation credits can come from: Creating a blog with an About/Bio page (new students)* Responding to questions/comments on the class discussion board** Posting on your own blog about GRS related […]

Create a UBC blog

Create a UBC blog

Creating a UBC blog is fast and easy for UBC students.  You do not need an invitation or a special password, just your CWL. Step by step guide: Go to and click on the CWL icon to log in.  You’ll be taken to the home page for UBC blogging.  Halfway down the screen, below the header, […]

Access your blog

To access your UBC blog: Go to Sign in using your CWL information Once logged in, select Blogs Now, just below Blog Directory, click on My Blogs to see your own blog(s) Click on the blog you would like to edit to get to your Dashboard To access your previous GRS blog: Go to either the GRS blog or […]

Participate in Online Discussions

Participating the online class discussions for GRS is just like interacting on any other blog, it’s surprisingly easy.  To ensure things go smoothly, it helps to have your web browser updated regularly.  Here’s how to get started: From the Homepage, hover over Current Students and select Discussion. Scroll through the recent postings to see which […]

Deal with Spam

One of the challenges of using a public blogging software is spam.  However, with a bit of tweaking it is possible to prevent it from showing up on your site while still allowing friends to comment and discuss your posts.  Here’s what I did to set up on the GRS blog: From your dashboard, scroll […]

Write Pages/Posts

The Difference between Pages and Posts It is recommended that you create a Page for information that will remain constant or not change often, such as your bio page, resume, etc. These pages will be listed either across the top of your blog or along the sidebar, depending on the theme you choose, for easy access. Posts are […]

Use Tags

What are tags? Tags are a way of linking key words to your posts in order to help identify your posts. By using tags your posts are able to be found through the blog search engine. This allows users, including yourself to pull up posts on one specific topic. For example if you wanted to […]

Transfer your old GRS blog to the UBC System

Disclaimer: I am not a blogging professional; you may find more detailed information elsewhere on the internet such as in the WordPress help pages.  However, this seems to work and may serve as a good starting point for you. Here are the basics of transferring one WordPress blog to another: Login to your old dashboard. […]